Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tourists in Our Own Town

Last weekend my husband and I decided to run away for the day and visit Port Townsend. We took the ferry which I love to do. It's convenient too as we live in the town with the ferry to Kingston.

Even thought it was cold it was a nice day for the Pacific Northwest. We saw TONs of sailboats out on Puget Sound. This boat below is actually a Trimaran but I just loved the orange sail against the muddy blue water and sky.
Downtown Port Townsend has some really great architecture. I couldn't resist taking this shot. The entire main street called Water street has tons of these buildings all painted in wonder full colors.

The real reason for our trip to Port Townsend was to go to Fort Worden State Park. This is where parts of the 1982 film An Officer and a Gentleman were filmed. The post was established in the late 1890's. The first building wasn't erected until the early 1910's. It was operated as a fort to protect the cities in the Puget Sound (Seattle and Tacoma) and the Bremerton Naval Shipyard until 1953.

At the tip of the peninsula is Point Wilson Lighthouse. The tower was built in 1904 and the rest of the building was built in 1914.

Here is a shot of the Straight of Juan de Fuca which extends from the Pacific Ocean in to Puget Sound. Far to the NW is Victoria, BC.

This barracks is just off the parade grounds on the main street at the fort. Across the parade grounds are the Commissioned Officers Houses and the hospital (brick building pictured below).

Alexander's Castle (below) predates the fort and was built by a Scottish Reverend for his perspective bride in 1883. He returned home to Scotland and found out she married another man so returned to the US and sold the land. I think it's nice this building was left here after the property became a fort. You can actually stay here on vacation.
Hubby spent an hour in the Coast Artillery Museum. That gave me a chance to run around with the dog on the parade grounds.
Below is a shot of the fence surrounding the cemetery at Fort Worden. Apparently it's haunted.

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