Saturday, August 25, 2007


OK, so I have wanted a tattoo for about 12 years now. I actually went in to a place once with a friend but the guy freaked me out. My hubby wanted to get me a tattoo for my birthday but I could not figure out what I wanted until a week ago.

A celtic knot. It symbolizes eternity because there is no beginning and end. This specific image is called a Triquetra which is Latin for "three-cornered". There are different meanings for this sign. The meaning I associate with this sign is earth, air and water or body, mind and spirit.

It hurt more than I imagined it would. Could of been because I got it directly over my spine between my shoulder blades. I liked the idea that I could show it off if I wanted to. Kind of sexy I think. If I get a tattoo again I will probably wait a while. I hope you like it!

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