Sunday, June 19, 2011


Forgive me for not posting on a regular basis lately.  I have been super busy.  Two weeks out of my month I work at least 50 hours a week.  I am taking a class right now and trying to get my business off the ground.

Yesterday we went to a friends son's highschool graduation.  There is a house down the street from them that I am totally obsessing over.  It's 101 years old, has four bedrooms and two bathrooms.  The front and back porches are nice and deep with a shed out back.

The price has come down $60K since September.  It's totally doable for us provided we could sell or rent our condo and we could even do a 15 year mortgage probably.  I am REALLY considering this but it makes no sense right now.  We are not prepared to buy a house right now.  We have no down payment unless we make money on our place.  Our commute would be longer.  I have enough going on already and yet.....

I can so see my self living in this house.  The kitchen and bathrooms would need some upgrading eventually.  The upstairs bathroom is tiny, the tub, sink and toilet are crammed in there.  It's a four bedroom house with all the bedrooms upstairs so it would be easy to borrow room from one of the bedrooms to make the bathroom more workable.  Its double the square footage of our current home and right about what we want size wise anyway. 

There are three options to a house that I would want.  A converted industrial space loft, a one floor ranch with an open plan and an old house like the one above.  Yesterday while at our friends house we walked down and took a peak in the windows.  While I am not thrilled about the wood stove in the dining room - that can be taken out.  It's double the square footage of our current place too.

This house makes me even more determined to get in to a house by next year if we intend to stay in the area.  If we know we are going to move out of state in three years then buying a house makes no sense.

I guess a girl can dream.....

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