Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sepia Christmas

Decorating for Christmas is pretty minamalist this year and I love it! A small tree, stockings and few things around the house.

I don't generally decorate in traditional Christmas red & green but in colors that coordinate with my home. Chocolate, grey & cream with accents of green & peacock blue. Lots of velvet, burlap, silver and feathers. My tree is about three feet tall and sitting on one of my pieces of vintage luggage. I didn't like the tree base so I wrapped it with burlap.

I have started wrapping my gifts with packing paper and a collection of ribbon and embellishments I have stashed in my craft cabinet.

This year I purchased a fake tree (the horror). It's white and prelit with white lights. All the decor are in tones of chocolate, cream, champagne, white & clear and I already had everything so I didn't need to purchase anything.

Chandy crystals make GREAT ornaments don't you think?

I love skeleton keys, this is one from my small collection.

I had four of these Chinese coins set aside for a project. I think they go great on the tree!

A few creamy peacock feathers placed in the tree. The sparkly balls above remind me of champagne. I made the ornaments below with some burlap and a small crystal embellishment.

I also have velvet chocolate colored hydrangeas, small silver balls, swirly & sparkly twigs tucked in the tree. I think this tree could use some silver spoons too.

I have been meaning to make new stockings for about three or four years now. I finally got around to it this year. I really love the green color of the velvet trim on these burlap stockings but am thinking I should have chosen chocolate brown. I do like this pop of green color.

In my hallway I have a shelf with a little bunch of branches, my Charlie Brown tree and a vase filled with cinnamon sticks. I have a small collection of silver and crystal pieces that I use for my candles.

Above my Charlie Brown Christmas tree and below cinnamon and candles.

I still have a few other things I would like to complete but it may not happen for Christmas. We are planning on keeping the decor up through the end of January when we have a small party. It's festive and fun and since I got it up so late this year I would like it to stay around for a while.


Karen said...

Sepia Christmas- I love it. I'm so in love with brown right now; but isn't everyone!

Alicia said...

love your color pallette...very unique for christmas. looks great!

Contact: said...

Very pretty! Love the sepia Christmas!

Katie Ann Brooks said...

love it!

Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

I love your little white tree and creative decorations! Hope you have a happy new year!

Beth E-R said...

I'm getting caught up on my blog reading this morning. Your holiday decorations are marvelous! They are the right mix of simple and stunning. I found this year that the less holiday decor I have, the more I really appreciate it. Many wishes for a very happy new year to you!