Thursday, November 4, 2010

Planning for a new Home

C and I have been doing a little home window shopping. We have popped in to a few open houses to see what is out there, what we like and what we definately do not like. After living in our condo for the past nine years (C for 16) we have fully developed our want list.
  • No angled walls
  • No shared walls (with other units)

  • No HOA's

  • Open floor plan for family living spaces (great room - kitchen/living/dining)

  • One and a half bathrooms
  • One floor (no stairs)

  • Character

  • Garage

  • Fenced back yard

  • Storage
  • Lots of natural light
Things we thought we needed are not as important like a fireplace (we wouldn't complain if we had one though) or more formal spaces. Where some people are looking for more square footage, we are looking for the square footage we buy to be efficient with small luxuries.
As long as the footprint is something we can work with, I aspire to have an aesthetic that is a combination of vintage/old world/industrial/minimalist. Ultimately we want an open great room with a half bath. This will be connected to a small master suite by a den/library/craft room as the pass through.

A tall order - but we are pretty certain what we want does not exist so we will have to tweak whatever we find with the right bones.

In our journey towards minimalism some people might wonder why we are buying a house in the first place. Owning a home is definately on our minimalist list but no too much house.

It's no wonder then that a lot of the photos I see at greige really represent what I am looking for in a home - decor and space wise.

The inspiration for the master bath is a combination of the two bathroom images below. I love the sky light, tall ceiling height, steel beam, walls and open shower area (look above the little bench for the shower head and on the floor for the drain) of the first photo.

The only thing I would change about the above photo is add the tub from the next photo and possibly paint the outside. I do love the shutters on the window too.

Or a nice copper whirlpool tub.

I would really like an open concept "great room" for my living, dining and kitchen areas. Kind of like these photos from Gerard Butler's New York loft.

Some inspiration for the great room and kitchen (again Greige and Gerard Butler).

Inspiration for the bedroom and den/craft area (Gerard Butler and Cher's LA pad).

I think a minimalist environment can be acheived with using only furniture pieces you need and getting that luxuriousness from things like paneled walls, velvet fabrics and copper ornamentation.

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Katie Ann Brooks said...

make sure you have room next door for your neighbors to move in! :)